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Drift Pattern

"The future isn't what it used to be..."

George returns to mainstream science fiction with a suspenseful time travel tale of cat-and mouse for his fourth novel.

Modern-day mathematician, Luci Gaudiano is abducted and transported to 2191 to figure out why and how a group of future terrorists are destroying the various time portals across the planet. Millions will perish if she can't unravel this mystery in time.

'Drift Pattern' is due out in late 2020


Translated into Spanish

George's masterful tale of modern horror is now available in Spanish.Click below to read the synopsis


“Every storm begins with a single drop rain from above...

Every tale begins with a single phrase flowing into another and another like the running waters of a cool stream...

This story is the faithful account of how the world came to be; for there was a time when Ornithal was not as it is today. The nations were as a shattered clay pot, with fragments scattered across a floor.

Those jagged shards were the warring kingdoms, and no one could mend them without laying open the flesh of their own palms.

That was until Kern, the Outsider came to us.”

~ Quwet Larchu, Royal Observer & High Servant of Bindalar

A GWP High Fantasy Adventure Novel due 2021

SPINDOWN on Audiobook

Now Available from Audible.Com and Falcon Sound Company...

Voice actor, Andrew McFerrin offers a riveting performance of George's hard sci-fi novel, Spindown.

Listen to sample...

‘Of course I know the ending of the book as I’m writing it, otherwise how would I know when it was finished?’