Reviews - Cruel Devices



'A good, old-fashioned ghost story. This was a fun ride and a highly enjoyable book.'

—C. Morris "Bibliophile"

'Very Good Read, Well paced and engaging.'

—Robert Estes

'A good ghost story with a great pace that keeps you turning the page.'

—Tracey D.

'Great characters... The story kept me engaged.'

—Charleen H Tyler

'...Good story and resolution.'


'An excellent read. I'll look for this author again. I give it 4 stars!'

—Early Reader,

'This was a great ghost story, which is saying a lot because I'm not really into those.'

—Anastacia Russell

'...Scary and strange situations along the way made for a fast paced but engaging read...'

—Josh Williams

'This was a pretty good read. Although it was not like the type of horror I read offten (IE: Anthony Harris) It was a lot like Stephen king. Which was pretty interesting. It had a wonderful story line. And the main character Gavin Curtis, makes you care for him in such away that makes you hope there is a 2nd book to the story. i would say this book is more of an adult read. And I do believe I may read this book again.'

—Jennifer Kass

'The horror part is engaging but not too intense---good for squeamish and wimpy readers like me.'

—Amazon Customer


'A perfectly paced psychological thrill ride that will leave you entranced.'

A.K. Klemm, Author of The Bookshop Hotel and Lily Hollow