Story Synopsis

Steampunk Detective, 2016

New Year’s Eve 1901: Six hundred feet above the Atlantic Ocean, the platform city of Addleton Heights balances on massive, soot-covered metal stilts. A grisly double murder interrupts the party in the floating mansion of the city’s most powerful man, and for reasons unknown, he coerces detective-for-hire T.H. Kipsey into taking the enigmatic case.

Author George Wright Padgett weaves a cat-and-mouse mystery through a steampunk, alternate-American history that will thrill readers of Cherie Priest's Boneshaker and Christopher Beats's steam-noir Magnocracy series. Join Kip as he races against time to unravel the clues that will thrust him across the city, up to the clouds, and into the depths beneath Addleton Heights.

Oder Now

‘It’s witty, fun, exciting and inventive, and is packed with characters you really care about. George Wright Padgett hits all the right notes!'

Jonathan Maberry, NY Times Bestseller and 5-time Bram Stoker Award winner