Reviews - Addleton Heights



'A Steampunk novel for everyone (even those who don’t know what Steampunk is!). It’s witty, fun, exciting and inventive, and is packed with characters you really care about. George Wright Padgett hits all the right notes!'

—Jonathan Maberry

'A Gritty SteamPunk Noir. Good old fashioned fun.'

—D. Heyen

'George Wright Padgett has done it again – blown my mind with an awesome and fun reading experience.

Addleton Heights is his third published work, but it’s an epic debut into the Steampunk genre and the world he has built and the characters he created have me smitten.

Just like everything George tackles, he writes his detective story with artistic spunk. Flare abounds from start to finish.'

—A. Klemm

'Mighty fine steampunk murder mystery!'

So this is an honest-to-goodness steampunk novel! As well as a James Bond/Wild Wild West/ex-cop down-on-his-luck private detective murder mystery! I'd read what I thought were steampunk novels before but this one takes the cake! This novel not only has the obligatory steam airships, cars, and "bassels" [steam tram carriages, whether on rails or suspended from a skyline cable] but I really enjoyed the special "tink [tinkerer/inventor] goggles!

Worldbuilding is very important to me as a reader and this novel is so vivid I could all but hear the steam whistle! Talk about full immersion!

I thoroughly enjoyed this adventure from beginning to end. AND I have to mention that I was particularly snagged by the stunning book cover!

Mr. Padgett's previous works are a hard sf novel and a horror novel, plus short fiction. I'd love for him to return to steampunk, but while I'm waiting I've already downloaded his hard sf book about artificial intelligence and "escaped slave clones" which I am now looking forward to reading!

—M.A. Davis

'We meet Kip on New Year's Eve 1901 getting his ribs kicked in by thugs. It only gets worse for him from there, which is better for us as readers.'

—S. Winton

'Everything I never knew I wanted from a steampunk novel. Absolutely smashing fun and excitement with guns, girls, explosions, cool funky technology, and a mystery that kept me guessing til the very end.'

—J. Kristopher

'Totally fun adventure in the steampunk style. Left me wondering what would happen until the very end. Cool gadgets and vehicles.'

—Amazon Reader

'It's a great steampunk-flavored mystery with thought-provoking twists and lots of action.'

—J.P. Mitchell

'If you're at all into detective stories or steam punk then this is a must read.'


'With a richly developed world reminiscent of Metropolis, a mystery on par with The Maltese Falcon, and characters as in depth as Casablanca, this is a blockbuster story you absolutely have to read.'

—L. King

'George Wright Padgett's richly envisioned world of haves and have-nots, of floating homes and clockwork biomech, is unlike any other I've encountered in the genre. Top if off with a streetwise, cynical detective caught in a life-and-death mystery, and you've got yourself one heck of a story.'

—D. Young

'I loved this book. The characters were amazing and held your attention. There were surprises in this book and I enjoyed the banter between the hero and his tough anti-hero. Overall it was a great read. I look forward to more books from Mr. Padgett in the future.'

—B. Mashburn

'A very fun read. Great immersive setting, tremendously fun slang, characters to love and hate, and genuinely exciting action.'

—H. Ritz


‘Thorogood Kipsey is my new favorite private detective.’

Jason Kristopher, Author of The Dying of the Light